Our latest CD release: Sacred Songs & Anthems by George Jeffreys

Nottingham - 9 December

We celebrate 300 years of JS Bach’s Magnificat.

“a serious kick up the baroque backside”

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15th Anniversary

“one of the UK’s most innovative and imaginative ensembles”

We are an international, flexible collective of unconducted instrumentalists and singers who bring old music to new life by pushing the limits of what is possible on stage.

Lost Majesty

Forthcoming album of George Jeffreys.
Available for pre-order now.

Bach Motets

Now accepting orders.
Available on all digital platforms.

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LIVE from Wigmore Hall

LIVE from Wigmore Hall

Watch live as we perform our BACH300 programme at Wigmore Hall on 7 December 2023.

Eco Touring

Eco Touring

Did you know that SK has a fear of flying?

For a long time now, we have opted to take the greener route when we tour, favouring rail adventures over short flights.

Lost Majesty

Lost Majesty

We are excited to announce the release of our next location-specific recording: Lost Majesty - George Jeffreys Sacred Songs & Anthems. The...