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The best of Friends

29 Nov 2022 | General

We love making friends and the work of Solomon’s Knot has only been made possible through the support of many individuals and foundations over the years. As a privately funded charity, we greatly enjoy inviting all our supporters to develop a close connection with the work they are supporting, at any level – thank you!

SK is a small and lean organisation, ensuring we invest as much as possible in artists and projects. Every gift makes a big difference and often are the deciding factor on whether projects can go ahead.

The Friends of Solomon’s Knot programme has had a little refresh, to make sure we are offering as many opportunities as possible for you to get to know and experience more directly the extraordinary work of our Collective. We have also made sure it’s simple to make a charitable contribution to our work, whether by card or Direct Debit, regularly or as a special one-off gift.


If you have questions or thoughts on your support of SK, we would love to hear from you. Please contact support@solomoncando.org.uk

Thank you so much to all those who support us already and we offer a warm welcome to new Friends throughout the world. Together we can create something extraordinary and we are so grateful!

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