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‘closing the BBC Singers’

9 Mar 2023 | General

The shockwaves of closing the BBC Singers would be felt for decades to come. It represents another perilous step in the UK’s cultural journey which cannot be taken back. We stand with our colleagues, many of whom are members of the BBC Singers and many more who have performed alongside them, in challenging this catastrophic strategy decision.

Whilst it is undeniably important for investment to be given to ‘a wide range of choral groups’ and development programmes at a critical time for all performing arts, this should be in addition to sustaining national groups which provide vital career opportunities and aspirations for many, often combined with freelance work in ‘a wide range of choral groups’. Together, they form an ecosystem which is already delicate – to eliminate any major organism will be to the detriment of the whole.

In a recent interview, tenor David Butt Philip advised young singers to leave the UK if they want a career. Sadly, if the BBC decides to go ahead with this plan, it will be the only answer for many.

BBC Press Release – March 2023

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