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Wigmore Hall’s Baroque Ensemble in Residence

29 Mar 2023 | General

John Gilhooly announced today the start of a long-term relationship between Wigmore Hall and Solomon’s Knot, as the group is appointed the Baroque Ensemble in Residence

Solomon’s Knot is “one of the UK’s most innovative and imaginative ensembles” (The Observer): a collective of instrumental and vocal Baroque specialists who use memorisation and a chamber music approach to produce intense and visceral musical experiences.  The group’s acclaimed sound is defined by tight, compact playing coupled with the vocal virtuosity of soloists who meld as an intuitive ensemble.

The appointment of Solomon’s Knot as the Baroque Ensemble in Residence at Wigmore Hall from 2023-24 onwards marks the 300th anniversary of JS Bach’s inauguration as Director of Music in Leipzig – one of the most significant appointments in musical history, representing a period of prodigious musical output.

Over the coming years at Wigmore Hall, the ensemble will present a series which celebrates the tercentenary of some of JS Bach’s most important oratorios and cantatas. This ‘Bach 300’ series forms part of Solomon’s Knot’s trademark innovative programming, which will also highlight work by and about strong women.

To herald this new relationship, Solomon’s Knot will present their first St Matthew Passion for Wigmore Hall in June – marking their own 15th anniversary – before returning in December to begin in earnest with Bach’s Magnificat in E-flat and cantatas from his first winter in Leipzig.

Solomon’s Knot Artistic Director, Jonathan Sells, said:

“Ever since our debut with the 1725 St John Passion in 2019, we have felt so comfortable and welcome at Wigmore Hall. That intimate space has resounded with countless superlative sounds over the decades, but it’s also great to pack the stage and blow away a few cobwebs, reminding Wigmore’s wonderful audience that baroque music can be as thrilling as the most avant-garde creation, or even a rock concert.

We look forward to sharing new ideas and fantastic music with that audience over the coming years, attracting newcomers to experience the magic of the Hall’s justifiably famed acoustic. Solomon’s Knot is so grateful to John Gilhooly for his trust and commitment: we count ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to call Wigmore Hall our long-term London home.”

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