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“Stupendous precision & euphony…What an adventure!” – Weimar Review

8 Apr 2023 | General

The Thüringer Allgemeine attended our performance of St Matthew Passion in Weimar on Good Friday, as part of the Thüringer Bachwochen and published their review of a very special evening.

In Weimar’s Herderkirche, Solomon’s Knot performed a very unconventional St Matthew Passion. A long, meditative silence honoured the Weimar performance of the St Matthew Passion on Good Friday when the last sounds had died away. Then the heroes of Solomon’s Knot bathed in thunderous applause.


The nine excellent soloists, who at the same time form two minimalist choirs and yet develop power and volume in them, perform from memory; this fundamentally changes the attitude in the narrative of Christ’s Passion: it seems as if they themselves had been witnesses to the biblical events and were now telling us about them – as authentically as directly.


A meditative flow unfolds immediately. On the other hand, everyone has to listen to each other with the utmost concentration and fine nerves; only in this way can this stupendous precision and euphony, borne solely by the confidence of success, come into being. What an adventure!

Copyright TLZ.de / Wolfgang Hirsch

The full review is available on TLZ.de.

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