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Bach Motets CD Release

26 May 2023 | General

We are delighted to announce the release of our latest CD recording BACH MOTETS.

This recording on Prospero Classical features the complete motets by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750), set in the context of music from the previous generation of his family which inspired him. In his final decade, JS Bach researched and performed motets by his father’s cousin, Johann Christoph (1642-1703), whom he greatly admired. Although Johann Sebastian took the motet genre (and presumably his singers) to the limits of possibility, one can also hear the strong influence of the family tradition.

This is the first of a series of location-specific Solomon’s Knot recording projects. We chose Arnstadt’s inspirational Bachkirche for these works, not only for its wonderful acoustic, but also as a place which connects the two Bachs: Johann Christoph was born in Arnstadt, and Johann Sebastian’s first job as an organist was at the church, which came to be named after him.

Why a dancer?

We thought long and hard about what image would best represent this miraculous music and our association with performing it from memory.

Many of the works on this disc feel as fresh as the day they were composed, giving a sense of modernity. The SK way of performing from memory – unencumbered by scores – and with no conductor, allowed us to move with each phrase, bringing physicality into this recording.

This is not a programme which is simple to memorise, giving a sense of risk and high-wire excitement every time we performed it, requiring mental and physical stamina. Finally, as we sing in small numbers with solo voices melding as an ensemble, there is aways a strong element of individuality in our style.

We felt that all these elements were encapsulated by this beautiful, weightless, powerful image of a dancer mid-gesture: a moment in time, captured in perpetuity.


The full album is now available online an via our website.

All purchases of the physical disc also gain access to the lossless audio files. We hope that this way, you get the best of both worlds: top quality audio & convenience with the beautiful booklet to enjoy whilst listening.

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