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Get this show on the road!

18 Dec 2022 | General

It may come as no surprise that the UK RMT strikes threatened to derail our plans to perform Kuhnau’s Christmas Cantatas for the people of York, before a second concert back in London the following night.

However, thanks to the resilient (blind?) willingness of our artists and the support of Continuo Foundation, we were able to navigate our way up and down the backbone of England in the course of one day – 11hrs on a coach. Yes, the wheels did go round and round.

After a 2am return to London, we thought the logistical challenges were over. Sadly, no; Rosie – our timpanist – called to say she was unwell and the search began for her replacement.

Christmas is clearly a busy time for Baroque timpanists. Finally, we found a player, the excellent Barnaby Archer, but he had no drums (players often provide their own). After a further flurry of calls and a race to a shady lock-up in Old Street, timpanist and timps combined for an explosive performance at Wigmore Hall.

We are beginning to discover how the Wise Men felt, and are pleased to report that Rosie is feeling much better.

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