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Henry Purcell
Symphony; See how the glitt’ring ruler of the day (Arise, my muse, Z.320. Ode for Queen Mary’s birthday)
Welcome to all the pleasures that delight (Welcome to All the Pleasures, Z.339. Ode for St Cecelia’s Day)

Extracts from King Arthur, or the British Worthy, Z.628
Passacaglia: How happy the lover
Fourth act tune: Air

Extracts from The Fairy Queen, Z.629
Third act tune: Hornpipe
Sing while we trip it upon the green
Thus happy and free
Monkeys’ dance
See, even night herself is here
Sleep: Hush, no more, be silent all
Symphony, act IV
Now the night is chased away
Entry of Phoebus
Phoebus: When a cruel long winter has frozen the earth
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Prelude, act V
Hark! The echoing air a triumph sings
Sure the dull God of Marriage does not hear
Prelude, Hymen, Chaconne, They shall be as happy as they’re fair

Mark how readily each pliant string (Raise, raise the voice, Z.334. Ode for St Cecelia’s Day)

Strike the viol, touch the lute. Come ye sons of Art, away, Z.323 (Ode for Queen Mary’s birthday)

So when the glitt’ring Queen of Night (Of old, when heroes thought it base, Z.333. The Yorkshire Feast Song)

The Sparrow and the gentle Dove (From hardy Climes and dangerous Toils of War, Z.325. Ode for the wedding of Prince George of Denmark and Princess Anne)

Encore Fairest Isle (King Arthur)

Solomon’s Knot

Soprano Zoë Brookshaw, Clare Lloyd-Griffiths
Roderick Morris, Kate Symonds-Joy
Ruairi Bowen, Thomas Herford
Alex Ashworth, Jonathan Sells (artistic director)
Violin I James Toll
Violin II Guy Button
Joanne Miller
George Ross
Double bass
Jan Zahourek
Shai Kribus, Robert de Bree
Inga Maria Klaucke
Russel Gilmour, William Russell
Timpani/percussion Rosemany Toll
Harpsichord/organ Chad Kelly

Second, private performance in Cambridge on 2 August 2019

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Solomon's Knot


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